Selasa, 15 Februari 2022

Popular Game Wordle Saves Women's Lives From Home Hostage Situations

Game Wordle Saves Women's Lives From Home

Dennis Holt was allegedly sleeping in his home on February 5, 2022 when a naked male intruder broke a window and used scissors to break into his home according to Mashable on Sunday.


Identified by James H. Davis III - apparently crawling into his bed and reporting some instructions he followed by secretly forcing him to go to the bathroom with him and breaking the phone line and dragging him around the house.

This includes staying calm. Meanwhile, the man was bleeding from the wound he suffered from breaking one of the windows. "I was surprised," Dennis said. I try to avoid everything here. 

He said: I won't hurt you and I won't bother you. Holt said the man took two knives from his kitchen and said he liked them. It brought fear into his life. Luckily her husband avoided getting injured and just locked her in an underground bathroom where she did some simple exercises to keep her warm.

Absent Sending Wordle Results Saves Denyse's Life

Holt's family members were not present at the time. Her eldest daughter Meredith Holt-Caldwell, who lives in Seattle, realized something was wrong when she saw her mother read her message but did not respond.

More bizarrely his mother hadn't sent him the latest daily world mystery he'd done every morning for 

Wordle Game

the past few weeks. I didn't send my eldest daughter Wardal in the morning. Dennis explained that this confused him

Meredith responded by alerting police to her mother's unusual behavior. A police patrol was then sent to the woman's home. Once at home the police attacked the intruder and arrested him by firing a stun gun through the gate.

After a heartbreaking 17 hours of detention Dennis was finally released while the intruder was detained and found to have mental health issues. A police officer has been charged with kidnapping a gun and assaulting him in an apartment.