Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

How To Resume From 4shared 2017 100% Tested

About 4shared Overview
4shared is a provider of hosting services and share the highest quality free online hosting for its users. The dedicated team consists of dedicated specialists in the areas of programming, web design and marketing communications.

4shared was founded in 2005 and continues to grow to the present throughout the world, through 4shared users can freely upload, store and download files, music, videos, photos and various other file types.

4shared shortcomings famous for no resume or can not resume when the connection is lost, but lately I have several times can resume like google drive, is 4shared now can resume?

If only it can be a very pleasant resume, because it does not have to repeat it from scratch again, this is a very desired moment by the downloader especially who still use the internet is minimal speed.

So how to resume download in 4shared with idm?

Not too difficult indeed, in this tutorial I provide complete with images that can be practiced easily by beginners though.

Why resume? Can we just download again from the beginning?

True, but it can be imagined if the download file uses a very small speed and file size downloaded 1GB more, it takes hours to finish just one file only. If up to 99% suddenly disconnected / dead lights and others, it is very unfortunate for once forced to start downloading from scratch again.

How to resume from 4shared

But if you can resume or continue the download (without having to start from the beginning), then it can be ascertained only the remaining few minutes just will be completed.

For steps how to resume download IDM from 4shared as follows:
    1. Try first right click on IDM and try to do resume, if there is a "can not continue file" it means the link is expired and need a fresh link to resume again, in this case please select 'cancel'. * Image A.
    2. Next please right click on the file you want to resume, please select 'properties' * image B
    3. Please copy the link in IDM * image C
    4. Open a new browser tab and paste the link in place of the top url * image D
    5. Download in 4shared appear as usual, please click 'download' * image E
    6. Click 'free download' and wait for countdown only * image F
    7. IDM automatically appears, but DO NOT DOWNLOAD, but copy the url in the IDM bar * image G
    8. Reopen IDM in positions like * C image, please delete old url and paste the new url and click OK * image H
    9. Open the IDM please right click and select resume like first point * image i
    10. If successful, IDM will resume the previously failed file resume * image J
    How To Resume From 4shared 2017 100% Tested
    Resume From 4shared 2017







    Hopefully, with the trick How resume download in 4shared this can give a little positive impression for the needy, thank you for visiting.