Minggu, 24 September 2017

How To Remove FRP Google Account Advan S7C_Tested By Me

Google account or FRP that is one of the features of the android version of lollipops to the top, because this feature is its function to protect and track the position of hape is lost, of course with the help of some applications also with some small setting on the device used.

What if your android google accounts affected?

Actually this google account arises because doing a hard reset, return to factory settings or remove some features in it. But it is not too complicated to open a google account on advan on this one, as well as remove google account on advan i5c and the like.

just do the flashing only and 100% tested google account is missing.

How to Flash Advan S7C with PC via Research Download

  1. Open Research Download R 2.10.1001 (tested) or more can be
  2. Click ' load out from a packet ' and enter the firmware
  3. Click settings, and settings as shown below, as well as in the ' backup ' tab
  4. Position The device Off
  5. Click ' Start Downloading '
  6. Press the key to boot, in this case, I tested the volume button plus (+)
  7. Press and hold volume (+) and
  8. Connect the USB to your device
  9. Wait until the flashing process is completed
  10. Done

FRP and also a virus or slow or blank, can make this way.

How to Flash Advan S7C
Flashing done

 FRP Advan S7C 100% Tested
Settingan 'backup' too

Fix frp advan, evercoss, samsung
Google account before flash

After flash

Flashing done

Advan S7C
Tested by me, visit link below

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