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Samsung Odin One Pack Download All Version (Old Version-New Version) Complete

Odin is a utility software developed and used internally by Samsung which can be used for flash recovery Custom image firmware (ACE to stock image recovery restore) for Samsung Android device. It is also used as a way of unbricking Android devices.

There is no account from Samsung ever has officially publicly released it, though it mentions it in the developer docs for Knox SDK and some documentation even instructs users to use ODIN. Some other documentation on Knox SDK references "firmware techniques", which may be part of the SDK along with ODIN. Binaries available to the public are believed to be the result of leaks ».

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Odin Windows-only software, provides no support for other operating systems, although it is possible to use Orakel in Odin execution, allowing it to run OS X. There is a free similar software called Heimdall.

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You can download the current version of all Odin, because I purposely put together in the form of collections, started the old version to the latest version at this time.

Why so many versions floating around? Because features Odin in each version is different, so too with the Samsung model certainly has a different version of android.

For the tutorial, please read the Guide "how to use Odin to Samsung." And download driver here

The existence of this collection, I hope you no longer confused looking for a stock Download odin collection on google, because there are in one single download package (Odin new, Odin software, Odin file, Odin galaxy, Odin latest version, new version, old version, Odin latest version for pc).

Here is a collection of Odin android:

Since the success rate of flashing files with Odin differs according to Odin versions, you should always use either the Odin version recommended by the tutorial you are following or Odin v1.85, Odin v3.09, Odin 3.10.7, Odin 3.12.3, or Odin v3.12.7.

Odin_v1.85 (recommended for Gingerbread/Ice Cream Sandwich firmwares)
Odin3_v3.09 (recommended for JellyBean/KitKat firmwares)
Odin3_v3.10.7 (recommended for Lollipop firmwares)
Odin3_v3.11.1 (latest version recommended for flashing Marshmallow firmware)
Odin3_v3.11.2 (modified UI)
Odin3_v3.12.7 (latest)
PrinceComsyModifiedODIN (don’t download unless you are sure what it is)

Note: If you have been following some tutorial to flash the stock firmware or firmware components, please use the Odin version recommended in the guide.

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Perbedaan odin v3.09 sama v3.07 apa bang??? Saya klo versi jb sampe marsmellow sering pke v3.07...

perbedaan hanya pada fitur saja yang sudah ada update dari versi sebelumnya. Jika gak done versi 3.07 boleh coba versi atasnya lagi.