Sabtu, 21 Oktober 2017

Hard Reset Coolpad A118 100% Solved

How to hard reset is almost similar to most android circulating anywhere, just that there is some type needs a combination of more time pressing the third button.

The Purpose Of Hard Reset
Hard reset is restoring the State of the android to its normal position because the basic position of an android is there hasn't been any setting of the wearer. When there is a setting that was changed, and we don't know how to reset it, then the only way is to return to the original settings.

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Why Should Perform Hard Reset?
There are many reasons we do hard reset a brand of android, one of them is forgotten security code forgot pattern or is there some system error in an android.

Back to the initial problem, how do I hard reset Coolpad A118?

Please refer to the following steps:

Coolpad A118
Hard Reset
  1. Press the combination of these three buttons (volume up, volume down and power).
  2. When the logo appears, immediately off the power button only (let the second volume is still held)
  3. Wait a few moments so that the recovery menu appears
  4. Please use the volume up and down
  5. Press power to OK

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