Sabtu, 09 Desember 2017

How To Flash Lenovo A536_S186_150813_ROW 100% Tested

A536_S186_150813_ROW The cases I see are infected with a virus and the android data active by itself (automatic)

firmware Lenovo A536_S186_150813_ROW

In this case, I do flash for android and successful outcome eliminate viruses

ROM Lenovo A536 firmware A536_S186_150813

Apply also to:

  1. A536_S186_150813_ROW
  2. Boot loop
  3. Hank logo or often restart themselves.

To do flash, please download the supplies below.

For a tutorial on How A536_S186_150813_ROW is flashing as followS:

  1. Please open Sp. flashtool
  2. Load scatters then grab scatter.txt from firmware folder 
  3. Mandatory checkbox DL-DL "option_option_download and tick DL DL All the with checksum
  4. Press download on flashtool
  5. Insert the usb on device
  6. Wait about 5 minutes

ROM Lenovo A536

May be useful to all...